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We provide WAP/WML products and custom consulting services. We can help you connect your company's information with the new generation of Wireless Internet phones. IndSoft strives to provide fast, reliable and efficient solutions that meet our customers' evolving needs.

IndSoft believe that businesses which embrace this technology can benefit from a market advantage in e-commerce and service sectors.

IndSoft is constantly evaluating new technologies, and we perceive the business application of WAP to be:

  • information services: news, shares, job vacancies or view tourist areas, facilities online and for example reserve a hotel room.
  • mobile electronic commerce: use the mobile just like a PC to purchase over the net. The customer may already buy off you online.
  • business communication: important sales leads, access the company intranet, change of delivery plans, job completion notification.
  • e-mail: send and view own e-mail or send synchronised multiple e-mails.

Do you Know :

  • By Christmas 2000 all the leading phone manufacturers will have WAP devices on the market; BT will launch ten devices this year.
  • By 2004 mobile usage is expected to reach some seven hundred million phones worldwide, there will always be more phones than PCs.