The Open Source WAP Gateway :
Kannel is an open source WAP Gateway that's available for free. It also works as an SMS gateway for GSM networks. Kannel is developed in a Linux environment. If you download it you'll receive the C-source. There's ample documentation about Kannel at the site.  Kannel...
  Ericsson's WAP Gateway
The WAP Gateway from Ericsson is available as a test version without charge. This WAP gateway/proxy acts as a gateway between mobile networks and the Internet. You'll have to login (if necessary first select join developers zone). Then select Technology, WAP and Developers Tools. Ericsson's WAP Gateway...
  Nokia WAP Server
A trial version of the Nokia WAP Server can be downloaded free of charge. You have to register first. It provides a connectivity platform for existing Intra- and Extranet services as well as for legacy corporate systems. A security pack for encryption is included. Nokia claims to follow strictly the WAP 1.1 specification.  Nokia WAP Server ...
  Phone.com's WAP Gateway
The WAP Gateway from Phone.com can be combined with the UP.SDK to test your applications in a WAP 1.1 environment. The UP.Link Server is open to all registered Phone.com developers. You can register free of charge at the developer site of Phone.com.
Phone.com's WAP Gateway...
• AudioCode WAP Server 2.0
Enhydra - Java/XML server 3.0
GNUWS Project (open source gateway)
Ophelia WAP 1.1/WTLS gateway
RealWow Gewi 1.0 WAP Gateway
SASI WAP Gateway
WAPgw - Open Source WAP Gateway
WAPLite WAP Gateway (Infinite technologies)
ThunderWAP (IIS WAP gateway)


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