A WBMP Converter by Teraflops 
On line tool to convert your graphics into WBMP (the graphic format for WAP
devices). This tool converts GIF, JPEG and BMP to WBMP (TYPE 0: B/W,
Uncompressed Bitmap). The images can be uploaded from your local hard disk.

A WBMP Converter by Applepie Solutions
On line tool to convert GIF's into WBMP. You have to make the GIF's accessible from the Web to convert them.

Tool for converting different image formats to WBMP. Free to download. Requires Java Run Time Environment RTE 1.1 or later.

Unwired PhotoShop/PaintShop Plugin
A free to use Plugin to create WBMP images. Can be used for Photoshop and for PaintShop Pro.

Free converter to WBMP. Available in a binary version for windows and in a
source version for any platform. The source version requires Python, TK and PIL.

WAP Pictus
WAP Pictus 2.5 converts your images from GIF, JPEG or BMP to WBMP. WAP Pcitus can split your WBMP's in smaller sections. Freeware.

WAP Draw
A freeware program for drawing WBMP images. The max image size is 96x80.
Requires Windows 95, 98 or NT.

A Java Bean for handling WBMP images. Can work in WBMP (split, glue, rotate, add text, draw lines etc.). Also converts other graphic formats to WBMP. Shareware.


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